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CoptiCo Intellitechnologies was founded by a diverse group of people that share the same belief that technology is an excellent tool for building familiarity and closeness that enable effective dialogue between people in conflict.


The mission of CoptiCo is to cope with the major issues that are on the agenda of Arab societies and to foster research and development in the fields of peace, coexistence, gender inequality, and social solidarity. We peruse one ideal, that of bringing people together irrespective of race, gender or religion for the benefit of mankind. We do it through problem-solving using state of the art technology and world-class research and development.


By focusing on shared interests, CoptiCo continues to forge lasting partnerships successfully - barriers are broken down, fears are overcome, dialogues are conducted, and friendships are formed, paving the way to a real and lasting peace between people.


Our mission is to give hope to people. We believe that technology can turn any disadvantage into a great advantage. Failure into success.


In CoptiCo, we believe in working for peace and coexistence. That's why we don't take sides!