cigarette shisha for women

At CoptiCo, we are committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women. We work tirelessly to find creative solutions to ensure women's rights and gender equality in the Arab world. We are seeking to create a society that is free of social, economic and patriarchal structures that discriminate against women. We focus on women personal transformation that will lead eventually to broader societal change.

The Shishette® is yet another smart solution that eliminates the daily struggle of Arab women with prejudice, injustice, and hypocrisy.

How it works:

The uniqueness of Shishette® lies in its hidden sophisticated micro-mechanism that allows Arab women the pleasure of inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke in public under the guise of a hookah.

An electric micro-pump controlled by a piezoelectric based microprocessor uses a 9V battery to suck and disperse into the air flavored tobacco smoke via our special hose. While in fact disguising the smell of the cigarette exhaled by the smoker.

In case of emergency, two quick puffs into the Shishette® hose will send an electric signal to the piezoelectric sensor that will give the command to close the valve that lets the cigarette smoke out and opens the path that transmits only flavored hookah smoke to the Arab female smoker.

Being yourself is the most important thing. But sometimes in order to be yourself, you need to be two steps ahead of others. With the Shishette®, you will win the battle without the need to fight.

In CoptiCo, we believe in working for peace and coexistence. That's why we don't take sides!

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